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Signs You Need New Tires

Gossett Kia South Memphis TN

One component of your vehicle that may go overlooked are the tires. But thankfully, there are a handful of signs that you might need new tires for your car.

Wear and Tear

The quickest way to check on your tires is with a visual inspection. Look at the tires for any signs of damage, such as bulging, cracks, or tears in the rubber. If a tire looks underinflated, you might need to simply fill it up with air. But if it continues to appear flat often, it may have a gouge in it that is leaking air. Be sure to check for the tread wear on your tires, making note of especially flat surfaces. The flatter the tires are, the less traction you have on the road.

Strange Noises

If you feel strange vibrations or hear a thumping sound while you're driving, this could be a sign that your tires need to be replaced - or at the very least, they need to be inspected by our team at Gossett Kia South. Hearing an odd noise could mean that the tires are out of balance or there could be suspension issues that need to be addressed.

Driving Dynamics

In addition to any concerning sounds you hear from your vehicle as you drive, you'll want to pay attention to how the car drives. Sharp veering to the side could mean that the tires need to be aligned or that the tread is uneven. Another thing you'll want to check for is how smooth your car is riding on relatively smooth roads. If everything is especially bumpy, you'll want to have the tires checked.

If you're concerned about the state of your vehicle's tires, schedule an appointment with our service team to take a look or visit us at Gossett Kia South in Memphis, Tennessee.